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Climate change and the migration fallout

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The impact of sea level rise from global warming could be catastrophic for many developing countries.  The World Bank estimates that even a one meter rise would turn at least 56 million people in the developing world into environmental refugees. 


Not only do countries need to start planning and implementing measures for adaptation, but the international community and some countries will need to devise an immigration strategy how to deal with populations who will be forced to resettle due to climate change.

¿Es la Directiva de Retorno Aprobada por la Unión Europea favorable para Latinoamérica?

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El día 18 deJunio de 2008 se aprobó la directiva de retorno en el Parlamento Europeo. Esta directiva constituye el primer paso hacia una política común de inmigración para inmigrantes ilegales procedentes de países no comunitarios. La directiva entraría en vigencia el año 2010.

Canadian migrants moving money (say that five times fast!)

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According to this article in Globe and Mail, new data from the Canadian government shows that four in 10 Canadians are sending money to family and friends abroad.  Also interesting to note:

"In Canada, where one in five people are born outside the country, about $5-billion is sent in remittances a year, according to Western Union, one of the world's largest money transfer firms."