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Making mobile banking affordable

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Adding to my earlier post about card based technologies, m-banking services are far cheaper than brick and mortar banks, but these can be costly compared to a poor person's income.  The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) has a head-to-head comparison of how the prices of the top branchless banking service -- GCash, Smart Padala, M-Pesa, Wizzit and MTN -- stack up against the top four banks in Sout

Climate change and the migration fallout

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The impact of sea level rise from global warming could be catastrophic for many developing countries.  The World Bank estimates that even a one meter rise would turn at least 56 million people in the developing world into environmental refugees. 


Not only do countries need to start planning and implementing measures for adaptation, but the international community and some countries will need to devise an immigration strategy how to deal with populations who will be forced to resettle due to climate change.