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Migrant remittances

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Migrant remittances provide a lifeline to the poor in many countries. Migration and remittances will continue to increase with globalization. The policy agenda on remittances and that on migration overlap a great deal, but the overlap is not complete. Remittances provide the most tangible and least controversial link between migration and development. They can play an effective role in reducing poverty, and they provide a convenient angle for approaching the complex migration agenda.

We hope this blog will serve as a platform to discuss why and how people’s movement and money impact development.

An important part of the World Bank's work on migration and remittances involves efforts to monitor and forecast remittance and migration flows, and to provide timely analysis on topics such as remittances, migration, and diaspora issues.

I have tried to summarize the International Remittances Agenda in this chart and this paper.  For the latest data on remittances, migration, estimates of bilateral flows for over 200 countries, and other useful resources, see the World Bank Prospects Group website.


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Do you think that the exodus of Filipino professionals will cause the development and economy of the Philippines to decline in the long run despite its financial reliance on remittances?

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