Video: Outlook for Remittances


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As mentioned in my earlier post, our Brief outlining the revised outlook for remittances has drawn a lot of interest, from market players, analysts, policy wonks, and the media. The Financial Times wrote a great editorial on this matter. Even a small decline of 7.3% in remittance flows, as we predict, can make a great deal of difference to countries facing external financing gaps. Now we know that the resilience of remittances going forward was an important factor behind the successful launching of the $750 million mega-bond from the Philippines.
This week, I have decided to post a video highlighting some regional trends. Let's continue this discussion. Please send in your thoughts and comments.

Dilip Ratha from World Bank on Vimeo.


Dilip Ratha

Manager, Migration and Remittances Unit and Head, KNOMAD, Global Indicators Group, World Bank

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