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Voices of Migrants: Request for Proposals for Literature Review

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In the framework of its “Voices of Migrants” project, the Cross-cutting Theme on Public Perceptions and Communications of the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD) is looking for a short-term consultant (team) to conduct a literature review.

Migration is an important topic for national policy-makers and the media and it ranks high on the international agenda. In this debate, voices of migrants themselves remain mostly unheard and public perceptions and policy making are often based on fear and common myths rather than reality. Against this background, “Voices of Migrants” has the following objectives:

  • give migrants a voice to share their experiences and priorities, their vision of development and the future as well as their recommendations to improve policy
  • challenge public perception on migration: narrow the gap between perception and reality with regards to the fear of being flooded by migrants; show diversity of migration and fight against clichés
  • inform policy-making as well as the work of NGO’s and migrant associations on national and international level
Voices of Migrants will follow a qualitative and participatory approach in order to allow migrants to express their views and experiences in their own words. Before collecting new data, it will provide a literature review and synthesis of existing studies. See detailed Terms of Reference.
Kindly send your technical and financial offer to Kirsten Schuettler ([email protected]) before January 15, 2015.


Submitted by Kirsten on

Thanks to everybody for your interest in the project! Following-up on some questions we have received, I would like to provide some further clarifications:

The literature review will cover literature using quantitative and qualitative methods. The second part, however, will provide a deeper analysis of a selected number of studies using qualitative methods.
The literature review is a desk study – no new data will be collected at this stage.
You can submit proposals as a consultant or as a consultant team. The technical and financial proposal should be submitted via email, attached as two separate documents.

The technical proposal should include the following:
a)Qualifications and experience of the consultant(s)
•Please provide information on your qualifications and previous consulting assignments or work similar to the “Voices of Migrants” literature review assignment
•If the proposal is submitted by a team: Please elaborate on the structure and composition of the team, indicating who the team leader is and who in the team will be responsible for which tasks
•CVs demonstrating qualifications must be submitted in the annex

b)Proposed approach and methodology (including work plan) for conducting the literature review
•Please explain your understanding of the objectives of the assignment, your approach to the literature review and the methodology you will use (How do you plan to approach the first and third part of the literature review covering quantitative and qualitative studies? How will you select the qualitative studies for the in-depth review? How will you conduct the qualitative in-depth analysis of these studies?)
•Please elaborate on the work plan and deliverables
•Present and justify any modifications to the Terms of Reference you would like to propose, if there are any

The financial proposal should include the number of days and daily rates calculated for each team member as well as any other expenses.

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