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Development 2.0, in graphics

An interesting visualisation of the shift from development 1.0 ("high peaks of bureaucracy, with the sight blurred by the disconnection between grassroots and policy making") to the development 2.0 world ("sustainable, collaborative, entrepreneurial and not aid dependent"), for the benefit of budding social entrepreneurs.

China vs. India - a battle of the brains

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Mumbai_2In this brave new world of knowledge-driven economies, it is a battle of the brains. And in perhaps the biggest battle of them all—China versus India—a winner is emerging. If you guessed India, I’m sorry, you get the consolation prize.

China-Africa learning on development -- lessons for and from all involved

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I recently had the pleasure of accompanying a group of 15 senior officials from East and Southern Africa on a field visit to Guangxi Autonomous Region and Guangdong Province.  Prior to the field visit, the officials had spent three days in Beijing at a workshop on China’s development experience.

Cognitive surplus - the untapped potential of Development 2.0

New business models, crowdsourcing data, falling IT costs - all represent different facets of the potential for web 2.0 applications to the development sector.