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Less is more Madonna?

For reasons unknown, the Material Girl's 'Material World' has been swirling round my head. I believe this is called an 'earworm' and sadly, there is no known cure: I just have to wait for the next song to take its place.

While the song is anchored in 1980s excess (impress/depress yourself... in which year did the song come out?), it may be due for recycling. A Millennium version of 'Material World' might carry the opposite connotation - less is more.

Science and Technology: Building Capacity for Development

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The January issue of Development Outreach, the World Bank Institute's publication, is out. Collaborators in this issue look at Science and Technology and how it can support Development.


Editorial: Building Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity: Turning ideas into actions, by Alfred Watkins, Egbe Osifo-Dawodu, Michael Ehst, and Boubou Cisse


On the web, necessity breeds invention

So, what are the smartest non-profits online? The answer is in an interactive list put together by NetSquared, Squidoo and GetActive. Non-profits are ranked based on their ability to integrate web 2.0 technologies in their business model. Quite why the list stops at 59 is beyond me.

New blogger: Giulio Quaggiotto

In rapid succession, I'd like to introduce a second Italian blogger. Giulio Quaggiotto has long been supporting PSD Blog behind the scenes, and I'm glad we've finally convinced him to take his ideas public. Giulio is a program officer in Knowledge and Innovation for IFC's Environment and Social Development Department.

THE key to poverty reduction, or not

Does having a good business environment help reduce poverty? The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development - a group of aid agencies which support private sector development - recently hosted a debate in Bangkok on the motion: "Business Environment Reform is the Key Element in the Reduction of Poverty". There were around 200 participants from donor agencies, Asian governments, the private sector, and civil society.

Does corporate governance pay?

Does corporate governance pay, even if your company is not seeking outside investors? It does, especially when dealing with competitors. When I was traveling in Serbia in November, I met with some company managers who said their firms were not too worried about corporate governance.