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Corruption and the bottom line - how to play the game (how to stay in the game)

Alexis Sampson and Michael Jarvis report on the topic of corruption from the second day of the World Bank's International Business Forum (IBF):

Business and the rules of the game: from rule takers to rule makers?

Over the next two days, Alexis Sampson and Michael Jarvis, both from the World Bank Institute, will be your eyes and ears at the ongoing 12th International Business Forum (IBF) in Washington, DC. Here is their first post:

Business for governance and MDGs

On October 9 and 10, the 12th International Business Forum in Washington, DC will reflect on the role that businesses can and should play in shaping the regulation in the global business arena.

This year's focus is on two main issues: business action on climate change, and private sector's role in curbing corruption.