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Does decentralization improve accountability and service delivery?

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Decentralization has been a buzz word in the development world for a while, but disagreements remain about when and how different types of decentralization are successful in improving accountability and service delivery.  Although decentralization is often used as a monolithic concept, the term can include political, fiscal, administrative or market decentralization, and can involve var

Clay Shirky @ the World Bank

Internet guru Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, was at the World Bank last week to share his take on collaboration and new technologies. His main piece of advice for the Bank: "when someone knocks at your door with the next great big collaboration idea that will cost a million dollars, ask them to go outside for a walk and come back until the price tag is closer to 100,000 USD".

Number 1 essential to fighting corruption: political will

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Former Hong Kong anti-corruption administrator Bertrand de Speville was at the Bank recently, speaking about political will on anticorruption.  According to de Speville, there are seven essentials to fighting corruption:

World's most competitive countries report - Asia "looks like an unstoppable force"

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BusinessWeek reports that an annual study by one of Europe's top business schools indicates that Asian economies are overtaking the U.S. and Northern Europe to become the most competitive in the world.