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The Essence of Accountability: Speak for Yourself

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Last November 2007, CommGAP organized a workshop entitled Generating Genuine Demand with Social Accountability Mechanisms in Paris, France.  Since then, we have been reflecting on the word “accountability” and what it really means in the work of governance.  I recently recalled that Dr.

A year older, and more popular

As my tenure at the PSD Blog ends today, I'm reminded of a great year during which this blog celebrated its second birthday and became one of the World Bank's most popular sites.

Going foreword, PSD Blog is always looking for fresh talent. If you're a World Bank staffer and favor market solutions to development, talk to Alan about a possibility of guest blogging.

If you are one of our readers, thank you. You're in good hands.

Privatization in 2006 - the year of Chinese IPOs

Our privatization database – listing transactions of at least $1 million from 2000 to 2006 - has been updated again.  In 2006, 48 developing countries carried out 249 privatizations for a total value of $105 billion – a figure comparable to the record year 1997.


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Welcome to CommGAP’s blog People, Spaces, Deliberation.  We hope this platform will be a useful tool for all of us to share knowledge, debate, and discuss ideas about how to secure good governance and accountability.

My colleagues and I will blog on a weekly basis on various topics and we hope you will join in the conversations.