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Policy Implications of a nonlinear relationship between aid, debt and GDP growth

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Aid and Growth Nexus.  Dollar and Burnside (2000) argue that aid positively influences long term growth in countries with good policy environment.  This is intuitively correct because we all accept that humanitarian assistance by averting crises and human suffering is generally considered.  In addition, no one can deny that building schools, hospitals, roads and power plants and paying teachers, doctors, nurses and engineers under aid projects complements private investment and contributes to overall human development, growth and development.  But, there

Connecting the poor

Developing countries are expected to account for a robust 11 percent per year rise in technology product sales over the next five years. The largest growth trends are expected for mobile phones. While mobile subscribers in India are projected to grow from just 17 million to 100 million over the next four years, in Africa they will rise from 67 million to 250 million.

Reading books fights police corruption?

In their struggle to keep poorly paid officers on the right side of the law Neza’s authorities are employing an unlikely weapon: literature. Earlier this year the municipal president, Luis Sanchez, launched an initiative aimed at making Neza’s policemen better citizens. One of its cornerstones is to stimulate reading among them. Although book groups and programmes to encourage reading in jails are not uncommon, this is one of the rare schemes aimed at the people in charge of law enforcement.

Free IFC film festival

The IFC (no, not this iFC) will be hosting the Common Ground Film Festival from March 6-10. If you are in DC, come. The event is free and open to the public. Each viewing will be followed by a Q&A with featured guests. The movies are all quite powerful. My picks: ‘Talk Mogadishu,’ 'In My Country' and especially the shorts.

Debating international aid

Andrew Natsios gave this speech in October and then announced his retirement from USAID in November. He has now published a revised version of his speech as ‘Five Debates on International Development: The US Perspective.’ On the MDG debate: