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Doing Business in Poland (is slow)

According to the FT, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the prime minister of Poland, said the government would cut from 31 days to three days the amount of time it takes to open a business. The prime minister also promised to make it more difficult for government agents to undertake long and vaguely formulated inspections of private companies.

Call for papers - Nordic Conference in Development Economics - 18-19 June 2007

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The Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen and its Development Economics Research Group (DERG) is organizing the next Nordic Conference in Development Economics (NCDE) to be held in Copenhagen on 18-19 June 2007. The conference aims at bringing together Nordic and international scholars for exchange of ideas and discussion of recent results within theoretical and applied development economics research.

Shoes (not) optional

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Shoes_big_2 I hadn't worn shoes in nearly a month. I'm not used to shoes anymore. This is probably the only IFC office I know of where you work barefoot. Staff and visitors alike leave their shoes at the front door before coming inside, sometimes hopping while trying to undo their laces.

Analysing and Achieving Pro-Poor Growth

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The latest issue of UNDP International Poverty Centre's journal, Poverty in Focus, is fully devoted to the analysis of pro-poor growth and its policy implications and results. The authors spell out and apply different definitions and measures in discussing various policy-related aspects of pro-poor growth.

Featured articles:

  • Global Estimates of Pro-Poor Growth, by Hyun H. Son