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New blog on Web 2.0 for development

The organizers of the Web2fordev Conference, "the first conference devoted to exploring ways in which international development actors can take advantage of the technical and organizational opportunities provided by Web 2.0" have launched a blog as a warm-up to the event.

Entrepreneurship is an awful thing to waste

Entrepreneurs create new businesses. New businesses, in turn, generate jobs, promote competition, and increase productivity leading to economic growth.

But what if local business climate is unfriendly? A recent example shows the danger when countries don't strive to ease their doing business environment to accommodate even the most industrious spirits.

Carbon-neutral banking for the rural poor

ANZ is not only expanding access to financial services in rural areas of Solomon Island, but it does so in an environmentally friendly way. Having won a tender from the government to provide banking to the rural population, the financial mogul will open six new solar-powered ATMs, link up with Solomon Island Postal Corporation in seven new locations and add five mobile branches.

SME finds business in educating Madagascar

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Recently I met a remarkable entrepreneur in Antanarivo, Madagascar. Maxime, aged 70, worked for many years as a teacher. Twenty-five years ago he started writing text books for schools. Ten years ago he decided to set up a printing and binding operation to publish the books. Today he is the dominant text book author and publisher in the country. Each day he rises at 3am to write another section of a text book.