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Indigenous yacht sails high seas

Pajaro_jai How can indigenous craftspeople share their talents with the world? By building and sailing a really big boat. The Pajaro Jai (Enchanted Bird) is 92-foot yacht built in the Darien jungle of Panama. It just completed its maiden voyage - 2000 miles from Panama to DC.

Sachs calls for private action vs. poverty

Jeffrey Sachs is a big fan of Rotary International and their global efforts against polio. He uses the Rotary example as a flag for rallying individual action against global problems:

Even when politicians don’t lead, it is still possible for committed individuals and voluntary organizations to change the world. The key is to link a bold idea with a practical and powerful technology, and then to push the idea and technology forward through mass citizen action…

How best to spend $60 billion?

In this weekend’s Washington Post Bill Easterly generously offered Bill Gates some financial advice on how to spend his Foundation’s money. To highlight one:

Money plus technology is 5 percent of the solution; the other 95 percent is delivery and implementation. By all means, invest in developing those new vaccines. But more imagination is desperately needed in creating incentives for the delivery of such products to the poor.

The global corporation

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Are we moving beyond the multinational corporation towards the truly global corporation? Samuel Palmisano, chief executive of IBM, makes this case in an article in the latest edition of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Palmisano sees a globalized 21st century where we need to abandon antiquated thinking on multinationals and embrace the emergence of “the globally integrated enterprise” that develops strategy, management and operations to integrate production worldwide.

What do markets offer government?

What do markets offer governments? Profits, after all, are not the goal of public policy. But markets are not just about money. A well-designed competitive market puts resources into the hands of those who can use them best. This is why markets can sometimes be useful to the public sector. Markets cannot supersede the governments, but in some areas they can help the government do their job.

And what can markets do for poverty?