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New blogger: the GPOBA team

The team members of the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA), a multi-donor trust fund administered by the World Bank, have joined PSD Blog and will be blogging under the penname “GPOBA Team.” The trust-fund’s team is one of the most innovative at the World Bank – as they strive to promote the great potential of leveraging performance-based grants to improve basic service delivery to the poor.

Preventing biodiversity loss

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Here in Curitiba at the meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity, for the first time, the parties to the Convention have made space on the agenda to discuss the role the private sector can play in the struggle to halt biodiversity loss.

Curitiba’s challenges

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How do you pay people today to conserve biodiversity that the world needs tomorrow? How do you find economic and financial incentives to sustainably manage a resource rather than over exploit it? What is the future of derivatives products that can provide payment to a community while new seedlings develop into full grown hardwood trees that can be harvested sustainably in 20 years time? Who will provide the guarantee for the trees - and that the resource will actually be there in 20 years time?

Corporate strategies for global growth

According to a survey of 100 senior executives at top Western corporations, the average company expects to have one-third of its sales coming from rapidly developing economies like China and India by 2010, compared to 21% now. That's not surprising, given that more than 40% of world economic growth over the next decade is expected to come from China, India, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Fixing global imbalances

If you are in D.C., Martin Wolf will be giving a three-part lecture at SAIS this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on 'fixing global imbalances'. Fukuyama will be moderating. Should be well worth the walk to Dupont.

Update: Presentation materials now online. See Brad Sester for comment and analysis.

Fridays Academy (3): Steps in Measuring Poverty

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As every Friday, we are posting one of the lecture notes on Economic Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction, from Raj Nallari.


Steps in Measuring Poverty

There are three main steps to be taken into consideration when measuring poverty. 

  1. Define an indicator of welfare

  2. Establish a minimum acceptable standard of that indicator to separate the poor and the non-poor (often known as the poverty line) and