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Oscars in Africa

Superbrands organization, the world's largest independent rater of brands, will start ranking leading East African brands at an "Oscar for Brands" ceremony later this year. Top brands in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi will be assessed by a panel of media, branding and marketing, retail and business communications experts, reported the Uganda Monitor.

Expect more boats from Turkey

Out of one million SMEs in Turkey, only four percent export says the Turkish Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade. In its "Promotion communiqué" the Ministry announced a plan broadening its portfolio of state aid and subsidy programs to include incentives for SMEs to participate in international fairs. The Turkish Daily News explains that:

Microfinance in 2015

Will microfinance gather even more pace or fade away? Every maturing industry wants to know its future - microfinance is no exception. To find answers microfinance promoter, CGAP, will host a five-day virtual conference starting next week, entitled “Vision 2015: What does the Future of Microfinance Hold?”

The conference is open to all.

Why isn't financial deepening happening in the poor countries?

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While global financial integration has been progressing well, financial deepening is not.  Only a handful of emerging market economies are benefiting from large capital inflows in the form of FDI.   In countries like Kenya where the capital account is open and foreign bank entry has long been allowed, capital market remains shallow and real interest rate remains high, hindering the private sector development. 


Rational exuberance

This is what two survivors will be feeling after near miss experiences in recent days: A New Zealander who survived a 15,000 feet fall without a parachute and a German paraglider who survived being sucked into a storm that pulled her higher than Mount Everest.