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Experiments in social entrepreneurship

Wharton hopes to solve thorny development problems by recasting them as business opportunities. Ian MacMillan’s paper “Societal Wealth Creation via Experimental Entrepreneurship” reports on four pilot projects that have received seed funding. As [email protected] puts it:

New guest blogger: Suzanne Roddis

Today starts the IFC’s three-day International Investment Forum for Private Higher Education. The keynote speaker will be Sir John Daniel (who I bet you didn't know was the first person person to preach in Westminster Abbey from a laptop computer).

Kennedy School video forum archives

The Harvard Institute of Politics has put online video and audio from the JFK Jr. Forum archives. Over 1200 forums dating back to 1978! Name an important figure in the last 30 years of global affairs – and they probably spoke there. Which to listen to first? (ht: Berkman Center)

Acumen Fund Fellows Program

Acumen Fund is launching a Fellows Program to provide ten extraordinary young professionals with a unique opportunity to use their skills to effect real social change... Fellows will spend one year working with our team and with local entrepreneurs, gaining intensive experience in price performance, logistics, distribution systems, scaling and innovative technology.

Privatization in developing countries

Many public policies move in and out of fashion, but few have shifted in pendulum-like manner to the extent of privatization.

For more, see John Nellis’ new paper on ‘Privatization in Developing Countries: A Summary Assessment’: