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More on The Economist's Microfinance survey

The Economist was on fire last week! Not only did they like my book, but the aforementioned survey on Microfinance is thoughtful stuff. One of the important issues they raised was the entry of credit rating agencies into the business. This is important because information is.

The most valuable land in the world (per square inch)

Owen County, Indiana, is trying to sell a one-square inch plot of land for $15,000. Needless to say – they haven’t been successful. Constricting tax codes, not a rich vein of diamonds, can be thanked for the ridiculous price:

Branson opens African entrepreneurship school

Billionaire impresario Richard Branson has announced the opening of a free “school of entrepreneurship” at CIDA City Campus in South Africa - already a shining example of educational creativity.

The equity return of economic freedom

Results show that cross-country equity returns are directly related to increases in economic freedom. For investors seeking superior investment returns, countries likely to experience an increase in economic freedom should be selected for investment.