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I haven’t fully searched through yet – but from an initial dive it appears quite interesting. Tons of interactive country data on everything from aid as a % of GDP and gender income ratios to beer consumption and FIFA world rankings.

2005 Corruption Perceptions Index

Transparency International has published their 2005 Corruption Perception Index. The report claims that corruption remains rampant in 70 countries and that most of the world’s least developed nations bear the double burden of poverty and corruption.

What next for the MCA?

Steve Radelet blogs about the future of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA). One of his conclusions:

It makes little sense for the United States to be considering providing grants to the new lower middle-income country group. These countries are three times richer than the low-income group on average, have access to other sources of financing, and for the most part have already graduated from other aid programs.

Private sector development passes the market test

What kind of books do people want World Bank staff to write?

We private sector development types are keen on market tests, so it's good to see that the World Bank's list of best sellers is currently dominated by works focusing on the investment climate and the role of the private sector: