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How to improve the performance of state enterprises?

State enterprises on average account for 15% of GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa and more than 50% of GDP in MENA. In India, more than 40 percent of the capital stock is state-owned. Heavily represented in infrastructure, finance, and energy sectors, state-firms are often two to three times less productive than private firms. Their lack of investment capital affects the delivery of critical infrastructure services while their losses are a fiscal burden. High levels of state ownership also create negative perceptions of the overall investment climate.

Small scale private infrastructure providers

Jordan Schwartz and Mukami Kariuki have just published an excellent new paper on small-scale private service providers (SPSPs) of water and electricity – including some great figures, maps and datasets.

I haven’t fully searched through yet – but from an initial dive it appears quite interesting. Tons of interactive country data on everything from aid as a % of GDP and gender income ratios to beer consumption and FIFA world rankings.

2005 Corruption Perceptions Index

Transparency International has published their 2005 Corruption Perception Index. The report claims that corruption remains rampant in 70 countries and that most of the world’s least developed nations bear the double burden of poverty and corruption.