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A french kiss for economic reform?

Innovative social marketing in Bulgaria:

"I give a French kiss for a cigarette" is the motto of the campaign launched by Students in the seaside's Varna in view of the Great Smoke Out Day. At a similar initiative in 2003, the students gave about 500 kisses. Being armed with such "dangerous weapons", the organizers hope to convince many people to give up the bad habit, or at least lay down one cigarette.

Human development indicators (v. 2.0)

A excellent interactive feature from the UNDP. The graphics and visualizations track the progress of key development indicators by country and region for the past 30 years, as well as future scenarios for 2015. Some snap shots below (click on the images to expand) – but the best features are interactive and cannot be captured by a screen shot.

Brad Pitt on trade and aid

Across the table, Steve Radelet from the Center for Global Development is running through the standard arguments on trade: comparative advantage, infant industry protection, import substitution. Pitt keeps writing it all down, looking like the journalism major he once was. Then he asks a question… "Shouldn't the argument be, what's not good enough for us is not good enough for them?" Pitt persists. "In the movie business, we can't burn toxic things when we film in the United States.

A global inequality tax

Branco Milanovic suggests a global tax to tackle inequality -not just low income levels- in the developing world.

Global redistribution through taxes that would be levied by an international body may seem far-fetched today, but the logic of development that we are witnessing – particularly the move away from nation-states as the locus of sovereignty – suggests that it may eventually come to pass…