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What holds back reform in India?

Amitabh Arora wants to know.

Is it interest groups - organized labor, employee unions at electricity boards - that wield political power disproportionate to their numbers and scuttle reform? Mancur Olson has rigorously analyzed the dynamics of collective action to explain why this happens. Mere public debate will not undermine these groups, and certainly not debate that bypasses the vernacular press.

The world of super projects

Site Selection claims that massive infrastructure projects such as the Eurotunnel and the Three Gorges Dam are not one-shot events. They estimate that there are over 2000 global projects costing over a billion dollars. They choose and rank the top 20 of these – though admittedly with no clear methodology.

She keeps her ego in her handbag

Some of you may have missed a nice profile of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in the Guardian a couple of weeks back.

"When I see vested interests still try to undermine me, I know it means I'm successful. When I manage to convince one person to change, I think this is why I'm here. The ability to change things is a powerful incentive."