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Cosette Canilao – 10 Candid Career Questions with infrastructure & PPP professionals

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Editor's Note: 

Welcome to the “10 Candid Career Questions” series, introducing you to the infrastructure and PPP professionals who do the deals, analyze the data, and strategize on the next big thing. Each of them followed a different path into infra and/or PPP practice, and this series offers an inside look at their backgrounds, motivations, and choices. Each blogger receives the same 10 questions that tell their career story candidly and without jargon. We hope you will be surprised and inspired. 

1. What was your first job?  
My first job was as a project analyst for a Philippine boutique investment house.

2. What was your best job?  
As the Executive Director of the Philippine’s PPP Center. Challenging, frustrating but very rewarding as it involved nation building.

3. What do your family members think you do all day at work?  
Order people around. =)

4. What do you really do all day at work?  
Identify problems (urgent and potential), and find ways to solve problems.

5. What do you wish you did all day at work?  
Actually solve the problems.

6.What is your go-to industry website?  
Anything related to infrastructure development and financing, especially PPPs; online newspapers; LinkedIn for industry news; Twitter to follow what’s going on in the Philippines.

7. What did the book that made the biggest impact on you professionally teach you?  
Dream big, back it with actions to make it a reality. This advice is actually an amalgamation of all autobiographies of successful people that I’ve read, but it is nicely encapsulated in The Wisdom House by Rob Parsons. 

8. What are you shocked to hear yourself say when you give advice to young professionals?  
Go into government service.

9. What is the most rewarding thing you have experienced in the course of your Infrastructure and PPP practice?  
The look of gratefulness and amazement from teachers and students when we handed over to them finished classrooms with furniture that were delivered via a PPP. In the Philippines, which is a developing country, the general public’s expectations from government infrastructure is so low, they equate free service with poor quality.
10. In what ways do you think the Infrastructure and PPP area you work in will look different in 10 years?  
More people, especially the general public, would be more conversant and familiar with PPP-delivered projects.


Submitted by JUMA YUSUF HAINENI on

It is my wish to take an active role in infrastructure and PPP area if given a chance. Equiped with knowledge on Coastal Engineering and Port Development i feel i stand to gain a lot in this sector. Coming from a developing country i see myself of great help to my country and other developing counries if given the necessary exposure in this area especially from a country such as Singapore.Coming from Mombasa where the greatest regional port:Port of MOmbasa is located i hope to share the knowledge and expeeience gained in this venture with the stakeholders.

Submitted by fidelis on

It's great

Submitted by Dr.Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada, Ph.D on

I have a comment on the question that has been asked to Cosette Canilao . This
Question is :Question Number 9
What is the most rewarding thing that you have experienced in the course of your
Infrastructure and PPP practice ?
The answer to this question shows that how education is very fundamental and
deserves to be considered a priority in Infrastructure and PPP that are
implemented by the World Bank .
These looks of being grateful from the teachers and the students clarify
that these projects are very successful and more advanced , if compared with
local delivered projects.
This means that if the local authorities cooperated constructively with the
international institutions, mainly the World Bank , this cooperation will yield a
fruitful outcome that can be reflected positively upon the educational process in
the assigned country. which means having a powerful upcoming generation in the
developing countries.
Yours Very Respecfully,
Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada, Ph.D
Retired Professor at Strayer University, USA

Submitted by Stellamaris Nakacwa on

The works of infrastructure and PPP are indeed exhilarating, there is not much I would require but to join this team. Being a a student of Geomatics and land surveying, I collide a lot with infrastructural work. It would be my great pleasure to lookout for those living in slums on issues of infrastructural standards with the little in their pockets. These people are a million times left out on infrastructural concern which exposes them to vulnerability to a lot of disaster. PPP and infrastructure would be a good platform to address these concerns and find solution to the risen problems. It would be my pleasure to engage.

Submitted by Margie on

Have only a little knowledge about these infastructure and PPP by the World Bank. Glad to hear how their projects worldwide able to provide the developing countries for sustaining development purposes, i salute you. I know how it feels when you are in the academe and classrooms,books and laboratories etc. are lacking which makes you ponder but you can't do about it,just think an alternative. I teached Civic Welfare Training a classroom and community base subject. What is even more heart breaking is when you are in a certain community that you saw their living conditions.How may of help to you for us to make this place Mother Earth a better place to live. Thank you

Submitted by FEMI OBIOMAH on

Its a career I would like to pursue. I've involved infrastructure development for close to 2 decades for private purposes only. I believe the PPP aspect would be more fulfilling. there's nothing more enthralling than seeing the society enjoying solutions you provided.


I thank you for such agreat idea but what i want to know is,is it easy for me to meet you and i work with you.
Iam from Africa.Uganda.

Submitted by Ana Maria Villagran Barrios on

Me interesa mucho el tema de infraestructura, por cuanto tengo mucha experiencia en obras de esta naturaleza a través de mas de 20 años trabajando en el Ministerio de Obras Publicas en Chile. Actualmente me encuentro realizando investigación sobre los criterios en la selección de proyectos y la seleccion del mejor postor en proyectos concesionados - PPP.

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