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Aanchal Anand is a Land Administration Specialist in the Global Land and Geospatial Unit of the World Bank. She has worked on Bank-f... Read more »

Abdul Nafi Sarwari is Senior Financial & Economic Specialist with the Central Partnership Authority within Afghanistan’s Ministry of... Read more »
Abha Joshi-Ghani is the Director for Knowledge and Learning at the World Bank in the Change Knowledge and Learning Vice Presidency. She... Read more »
Abha Joshi-Ghani is the Director for Knowledge and Learning at the World Bank in the Change Knowledge and Learning... Read more »
Abha Joshi-Ghani is the Director for Knowledge and Learning at the World Bank in the Change Knowledge and Learning Vice... Read more »
Adele Paris is an Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more »
Adetoun, a Nigerian national, joined the World Bank’s Infrastructure, PPPs & Guarantees Group in 2015 as an infrastructure and legal... Read more »
Aditi Raina is a consultant with the Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees (IPG) group of the World Bank based in Singapore. Her current... Read more »
Ahmed Shaukat is a Senior Advisor with over 40 years of global experience in developing, evaluating, financing, and managing... Read more »
Aifa Fatimata Ndoye Niane joined the World Bank in October 2011 as an agricultural economist based in Dakar, Senegal. Her work at the... Read more »
Aijaz Ahmad, currently working as a Senior Specialist with the Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Group at the World Bank, has over 20... Read more »
Akihiro Tsuchiya is the Director of the MDB Division at the Ministry of Finance of Japan. Prior to that he was the Director, G20/G7 and... Read more »
Alasdair Miller is a Senior Energy Specialist with IFC Advisory based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is an engineer by background with... Read more »
Alejandra de Lecea is a communications associate in the Web and Social Media Team of the External and Corporate Relations at the... Read more »
Aletheia Donald is an economist working at the Gender Innovation Lab, within the World Bank’s Africa Chief Economist Office. Her current... Read more »
Alexandre Leigh is an investment officer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) working on Infrastructure Advisory ... Read more »
Alisher Rajabov is the Economist at the World Bank Country Office for Tajikistan. He is a member of the World Bank's Poverty and Equity... Read more »
Alison Buckholtz is a writer and editor for Read more »
Amadou Thierno Diallo is the Director of Global Practices, Economic and Social Infrastructure at the Islamic Development Bank Group ... Read more »
Dr. Amal-Lee Amin is Chief of the Climate Change Division at the Inter-American Development Bank. This involves lead... Read more »
Amali Rajapaksa is based in the Sri Lanka office of the World Bank where she leads the dialogue on public-private partnerships (PPPs) and... Read more »
Aman Hans is a Public Private Partnership Specialist (consultant) with NITI Aayog of the government of India. He has over eight years of... Read more »
Andy Jones is a Senior PPP Consultant at the World Bank Group. Andy has over ten years’ experience, with both the World Bank and IFC,... Read more »
Andy Ricover is an independent air transport specialist with experience in air transport economics, privatization, aviation policy,... Read more »
Andy Shuai Liu is the Communications Officer for the World Bank's Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience (SURR) Global Practice, with a ... Read more »
Angelica Toro, a native of Colombia, is a consultant with the World Bank’s Read more »
Anna Chung is a counsel on the Project Development & Finance practice, based in Shearman & Sterling’s Singapore office.  She... Read more »
Anna Roy, a post graduate in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, started her career as a lecturer of Economics in... Read more »
Anne Bakilana is a Senior Economist (Health) at the World Bank, with years of experience of research in multiple sectors including in... Read more »
Ari Skromne is a Senior Investment Officer with IFC Advisory Services in Public Private Partnerships.   Read more »
Ariana Progri is an Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more »
Arnaud is a Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist at the World Bank where he structures financial instruments and guarantees to... Read more »
Arnaud Braud
... Read more »
Arsène Mukubwa is a water resources engineer at the Nile Equatorial... Read more »
Artem Kolesnikov is a digital strategist and public information activist. He is currently working as online communications officer and... Read more »
 Arturo Ardila-Gomez is a Lead Transport Economist in the World Bank’s Transport and ICT Global Practice. He co-leads the Urban... Read more »
Ashraf Bouajina is a Public-Private Partnerships consultant with the World Bank Group's Infrastructure, PPPs, and Guarantees Group in... Read more »
Awa Sanou is a  Phd Sudent and Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource... Read more »
Bassam Sebti is the Global Editor of He manages the website's... Read more »
As Lead Partnership Specialist, Bayo Oyewole manages the Global Infrastructure Facility’s (GIF) relationship with its... Read more »
Becky Wolsk is a metadata specialist, writer, and editor. In December 2016, she graduated with an MLIS from Wayne State University’s... Read more »
Benedikt Signer is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist in the Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Program, housed in the Finance,... Read more »
Bernardo Weaver is a PPP consultant at the World Bank Group and an Adjunct Professor of M&A at Read more »
Bertrand Badré, as Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for the financial and risk management... Read more »
Bill McCormack is the joint Asia managing partner at Shearman & Sterling LLP, and a member of the Firm’s 9-member Policy Committee.... Read more »
Bolarin T. Omonona, a reader in the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria is actively... Read more »
As the Head of PPPs at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Brian is responsible for building PPP capacity within the CBD and the region... Read more »
Camila Vammalle is a senior economist and policy analyst in the OECD Budgeting and Public Expenditures division (Public Governance... Read more »

Cara has helped organizations communicate clearly to garner attention for issues of international development for more than 20 years... Read more »

Caren Grown is an internationally recognized expert on gender issues in development. Prior to joining the Bank, she was Economist-In... Read more »
Carlos Eduardo Simões Moraes is an Attorney and Specialist in Public Policy in the Public-Private Partnerships Central Unit of Minas... Read more »

Chad Passlow is an associate on Shearman & Sterling’s Project Development & Finance Practice Group in Singapore office, havi... Read more »

Chakib Jenane works with the World Bank’s Global Food and Agriculture Practice (GFADR), focusing primarily on programs promoting... Read more »

Chidi has recently been appointed as the Ag. Director General/CEO of the Infrastruc... Read more »

Chris Heathcote was appointed CEO of the Global Infrastructure Hub in June 2015.

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge in i... Read more »

Chris Shugart has specialized for the past 25 years in water-infrastructure policy, financing, contracting, and economics – and in... Read more »
Christina Paul is a Lawyer within the legal team of the World Bank PPP Group. She primarily advises on public-private partnership... Read more »
Christine Shepherd joined World Bank’s Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) in 2012 and currently oversees PPIAF... Read more »

Christoph Pusch is the Practice Lead for Africa Disaster Risk Management at the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience (SURR) Global Pr... Read more »

A graduate from John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, M. Dossarps began his career working as a... Read more »
Chris Bleakley works for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as Senior Operations Officer. Based in Sydney, he is the hub leader... Read more »
Chris Olobo is an infrastructure financing professional with IFC in Nairobi. He has over 12 years of progressive, substantial and... Read more »

Cledan Mandri-Perrott is currently managing the World Bank’s Infrastructure Finance Hub and is a Lead Finance Officer and Public-Pri... Read more »

Clive Harris is the Practice Manager in the Public Private Partnerships Group of the World Bank Group.  The PPP Group advises on the... Read more »
Cosette Canilao is Managing Director for PPP Advisory at Atkins Acuity. She has over 20 years experience in consulting and banking.
... Read more »
Cynthia Olotch is a Senior Associate in the Projects and Infrastructure practice of IKM Advocates, a leading Kenyan commercial law... Read more »
Dahlia Lotayef is a Lead Environmental Specialist in the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice at the World... Read more »
Dambudzo Muzenda is a Water and Sanitation Specialist in the World Bank’s Water Global Practice. Before joining the Bank, Dambudzo worked... Read more »
Darwin Marcelo is a senior infrastructure economist with the World Bank's Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees (IPG) Group, based in... Read more »

David is a freelance international development and PPP consultant currently working as a Senior Advisor to the International PP... Read more »

David Bloomgarden is a Lead Private Sector Development Officer and Coordinator of the "Program to Promote Public-Private Partnerships in... Read more »
David Lawrence is a freelancer providing communications services for international development projects based in Kyiv, Ukraine. His work... Read more »
Since 2013, David Nason has served as president and CEO of GE Energy Financial Services, responsible for leading GE’s energy investments... Read more »
Deblina Saha joined the World Bank's Public-Private Partnerships Group in September 2015 and is based in the Bank’s Singapore... Read more »
Dongjin (Jake) Kim is working at the World Bank as a Senior Public-Private Partnership (PPP) specialist, on secondment... Read more »

Doug Maher is the chief risk officer of the global Industry and Healthcare Finance business at Siemens Financial Services ... Read more »


Eduardo is the leading infrastructure partner in Deloitte Mexico. He is an Economist with an MBA and has experience in Strategy... Read more »

Elan Cusiac-Barr joined IFC’s Advisory Services in Public Private Partnerships (C3P) in 2010 as a Senior Investment Officer. Based in... Read more »

Eliana is a Senior Economist at the World Bank Jobs Group, in the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice, where she works with n... Read more »

Elisson Wright is the Senior Program Coordinator for the World Bank-led Read more »

Ellen McCullough is a PhD candidate in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics at Cornell University. She plans to graduate in... Read more »
Emilio Cattaneo is Executive Director of the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF)... Read more »
Mr. Emmanuel Nyirinkindi is a Ugandan national and is currently the Global Head of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in the Cross Cutting... Read more »

Eric Dean Cook is an infrastructure consultant with Greenbrier Engineering Company, which provides infrastructure services... Read more »

Ethel Sennhauser is the Director of the Agriculture Global Practice at the World Bank. The Practice has a threefold focus: Climate-s... Read more »

Evans Kamau is an Investment Officer for IFC, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Read more »
Ferdinand Pecson is the Executive Director of the Public-Private Partnership Center of the Philippines, which drives the National PPP... Read more »
Since she joined the World Bank as a Young Professional in 2007, Fernanda has worked in the Infrastructure sector in East Asia... Read more »
Fernando Crespo Diu has been the Director of UTAP, the Portuguese PPP unit, since its creation in 2012. UTAP leads the appraisal,... Read more »
Fernando Freire Dutra is Deputy Secretary of the Strategic Partnerships Secretariat of the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil,... Read more »

Fida Rana is an infrastructure finance and policy expert with more than 15 years of global infrastructure finance experience. F... Read more »

Francesco Strobbe is a Senior Financial Economist with the World Bank Group (WBG).  Over the past four years he has been responsible... Read more »

Francis Donalbain Chukwu, Counsel, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

Francis is counsel at the Multilatera... Read more »

François Bergere is the Program Manager of the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). PPIAF is a multi... Read more »
Frédéric is Director of the EDHEC Infrastructure Institute and EDHEC Asia Pacific. He holds a PhD in Finance (King's College London) and... Read more »
Gaël Giraud is a French economist, specialized in general equilibrium theory, game theory, finance and energy issues. He is Chief... Read more »
Gajendra Haldea is Advisor (PPP & Infrastructure) to the Government of Rajasthan and CEO, Bureau for Partnerships in Rajasthan. He is... Read more »
Gastón Astesiano is the PPP Team Leader at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), where he has worked since 2003, mainly on... Read more »
Geoffrey Keele has worked in the media and communication field for over 15 years with NGOs, the World Bank Group and the UN, including in... Read more »
J.M. “George” Castellanos has worked in the infrastructure development sector for over two decades. He is President and Founder of... Read more »

Giulia Motolese is a Global Public-Private Partnership Consultant with PPIAF, within the World Bank, where she supports the strategy... Read more »

Hannah Hughes is a Knowledge and Communications Consultant for the World Bank’s Public-Private Partnership team. Hannah began her career... Read more »

Hartwig Schafer became the World Bank’s Vice President for the Read more »

Henrique Amarante Costa Pinto is the Secretary of Public Policy Coordination at the Investment Partnerships Program, Presidency... Read more »

Henry is a consultant with the World Bank’s PPP Group in Singapore. His responsibilities include analyzing investment in... Read more »
Ian Hawkesworth is a global PPP expert who recently joined the World Bank Group’s Governance Global Practice where he coordinates the... Read more »
Ioannis Dimitropoulos is a Transport Specialist in the Transport and Digital Development (TDD) Global Practice of the World Bank Group.... Read more »
Irene Portabales González works in the Transport & ICT Global Practice, where she supports  the urban transport and Public... Read more »
Isabel Chatterton is Regional Manager for Public-Private Partnerships Advisory Services for the International Finance Corporation. She is... Read more »
Isabel Marques de Sá is Chief Investment Officer for the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more »
Isabel Rial is a senior economist of the Expenditure Policy Division in the Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund.... Read more »
With almost 30 years of experience in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East, James Harris has successfully closed greenfield and... Read more »
Jane Jamieson has 20 years of technical and managerial experience delivering infrastructure projects and programs in developing countries... Read more »
Jason McKay is the Online Communications Producer for the Public-Private Partnership team at the World Bank Group. Read more »
Jason Z. Lu joined the GIF as Lead Infrastructure Finance Specialist after ten years of working at the Multilateral Investment... Read more »
Jean-Claude Devèze, ingénieur agronome, socioéconomiste, a longtemps travaillé à l'AFD. Il a publié en 1996 Le réveil des campagnes... Read more »
Jeff Delmon is a Senior PPP Specialist with the World Bank since 2005, advising globally on infrastructure finance and PPP. He is... Read more »
Jeffrey Ghannam, J.D. works at the nexus of international development, law, media, and good governance. He has worked with the World Bank... Read more »
Jemima Sy is the Program Manager for the World Bank's Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), a global, multi-donor... Read more »
Jennifer Guay is a writer at Apolitical, a global peer-to-peer platform for governments. She previously worked as a correspondent for the... Read more »

Jenny Chao is a Public Private Partnerships Specialist within the World Bank's PPP Group, based at the Singapore Infrastructur... Read more »

Mr. Jesse Ang is currently on a development assignment working for the IFC PPP Asia unit.  Previously, he was the Resident... Read more »
Jinsuk Park joined the World Bank's Public-Private Partnerships Group in May 2016 and is currently based in the World Bank’s Singapore... Read more »
John Kjorstad leads infrastructure research and business support for KPMG Global Services Read more »
John Larkin is currently head of the Banks and Infrastructure Finance Branch of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT),... Read more »
Jon Kher Kaw (@jonkherkaw) is a Senior Urban Development Specialist in the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global... Read more »

Jordan Schwartz has worked in the field of infrastructure development since 1991. He is currently the World Bank’s Director for Infr... Read more »

Juan Samos is a Principal Industry Specialist within the Global Transport Team at IFC. Before joining IFC, he worked in the private ... Read more »

Julia Prescot serves as a Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Meridiam Infrastructure. She has recently been made a National... Read more »
Juliane Jansen, a German national, is a Junior Policy Analyst at the Budgeting and Public Expenditures division of the... Read more »
Julie  is a Principal Investment Officer at IFC, where she has worked for the past six years covering... Read more »

Julie Monaco is the Global Head of Citi’s Public Sector Group in the Corporate and Investment Banking division of Citi’s Institution... Read more »

Julie Rozenberg is an Economist with the World Bank Sustainable Development Group. Her work includes green... Read more »
Julien Reidy has nearly 20 years of experience helping clients procure and close major public infrastructure projects globally. For the... Read more »

Junglim Hahm is a Senior Infrastructure Specialist working in the Infrastructure Finance, PPPs & Guarantees Group at t... Read more »

Jyoti Bisbey is an Infrastructure Economics and Finance Specialist in the Macro Policy and Finance for Development Unit in the Unite... Read more »

Kaara Wainaina has worked as an External Affairs Expert within the PPP Unit of the National Treasury of Kenya since the beginning of 2014... Read more »

Ms. Kalpana Seethepalli is a Senior Infrastructure Economist with the World Bank Group in Singapore, and has advised emerging ... Read more »

Kang-Soo Kim is Executive Director, Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center (PIMAC), at the Korea Devel... Read more »

Kate Baragona is a senior finance executive / UK Solicitor / California lawyer with over 35 years of international experience and... Read more »
Kate Owens is an urban planner and economist with experience in academia, commercial real estate and international development.... Read more »
Ms. Kathy Lai is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Singapore, overseeing Global Markets and Capability Programmes and Policies... Read more »
Kirti Devi is a Municipal Finance Specialist and provides sector level technical guidance and due diligence for programs and... Read more »
Krishnan Sharma is a Senior Economic Affairs Officer in the Financing for Development Office of the United Nations.  He specializes... Read more »

Larry Blain is Partnerships BC’s former President and CEO, and subsequently served as Chair of the Board of Directors. Under Mr... Read more »

Laura Tuck assumed the position of World Bank’s Vice President for Sustainable Development on July 1, 2015. In this role... Read more »
Lauren Wilson is an Operations Analyst with the World Bank’s Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). Lauren oversees the... Read more »
Laurence Carter is the Senior Director of the Public-Private Partnerships Group of the World Bank Group. The PPP Group advises on the... Read more »
Layali Abdeen is a Senior Investment Guarantee Officer at MIGA and is based in Jerusalem.
... Read more »

Lincoln Flor is a Senior Transport Economist in the World Bank´s Transport and Digital Development (TDD) global practice where he&nb... Read more »

Liviane is a web editor at the World Bank Group. She manages the corporate websites and social media channels in French.  Read more »
Lois Goh works in Online Communications for the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice. She started out as a... Read more »
Lorena is an operations consultant with the World Bank Group’s Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees Group (IPG). She began her career at... Read more »
Luciana, a Brazilian national, joined PPIAF in February 2015 as an Infrastructure Specialist, based in Washington, DC. Previously,... Read more »
Lulu Baclagon is a Senior Investment Officer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), where she works in the PPP Advisory... Read more »
M. Nicolas J. Firzli is Director-General and Head of Research of the World Pensions Council (WPC), an international association of public... Read more »
Read more »

Malak Draz is an investment officer in IFC’s Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department. She has over 10 years of internat... Read more »

Malcolm Morley is currently visiting Professor at... Read more »
Mar Beltran is the Senior Director, Infrastructure Sector lead for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at S&P Global Ratings... Read more »
Marc-André Roy is CPCS’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President responsible for North America. He has led over 150 transportation... Read more »
Marcela Valdivia is Fulbright scholar and Graduate Student at Georgetown University. She is currently a short term consultant at the... Read more »
Marcos Siqueira is an expert in public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Brazil, with a multidisciplinary background and more than 10 years... Read more »
Maria Emília Barbosa Bitar is a Specialist in Public Policy and Government Management at the PPP Central Unit of Minas Gerais State.... Read more »

Mark is the Lead Lawyer in the World Bank’s Public-Private Partnership Group, based in Singapore. His work is primarily focused on P... Read more »

Mark Romoff is President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP), a national not-for-profit, non-partisan... Read more »
Mathieu is an Economic Affairs Officer at the Financing for Sustainable Development Office of the United Nations where he conducts, among... Read more »
Matt began his career as a Transport Economist with the international consultancy firm Steer Davies Gleave, where he worked as a traffic... Read more »

Matthew is the Head of Infrastructure Policy at EBRD, providing advice and structuring for the Municipal Infrastructure and Transpor... Read more »

Matthias Cinyabuguma is a Senior Economist at the World Bank working on Senegal. Prior to that he worked as professor of Economics at the... Read more »

Maude Vallée is Principal Legal Counsel at the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF). She has been with the ALSF since April 2012. S... Read more »

Mavis A. Ampah is a Lead ICT Policy Specialist at the World Bank.           ... Read more »
Melvin John M. Tan is the General Manager and COO of Laguna Water – a Manila Water Philippine Ventures Company. He has over 12 years... Read more »
Michael Bennon is Managing Director at the Stanford Global Projects Center, developing new initiatives for the GPC and managing student... Read more »

Michael Klein is Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Germany and a Senior Adjunct Professor at the School... Read more »

Michael Opagi is a Principal Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more »
Michael has over 10 years of experience in advising both public agencies and private industry on infrastructure development and public... Read more »
Michael Walker is a Senior Consultant with Caledonian Economics, Scotland’s leading advisers to the public sector on Public-Private... Read more »
Michael Wilkins is the Head of Environmental and Climate Risk Research within Read more »
Michela Bariletti is a Senior Director in Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services’ Infrastructure Ratings group and currently serves as... Read more »
Moazzam Mekan is IFC's Regional Manager for Central Asia covering Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.... Read more »

Mohammed Hedi Mejai heads the Investments Department of the Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDBG) and currently serves on the ... Read more »

Mohammed Dalil Essakali, a Senior Infrastructure Economist, is the World Bank team leader for the Goma Airport Safety Improvement Project... Read more »

Monish Patolawala is the CFO of GE Healthcare, an $18 billion business unit of General Electric that provides transformational medic... Read more »

Morten Lykke Lauridsen is a Principal Economist with IFC’s Thought Leadership Unit. The Thought Leadership Unit... Read more »
Naho Shibuya is a Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank. As a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, she helps... Read more »
Ms. Natalija Gelvanovska-Garcia has joined the Bank in 2012 as Senior ICT Policy Specialist and a secondee from the Communications... Read more »

Nataliya Langburd Wright provides strategic advice on issues relating to: digital governance, future of work, small and medium enter... Read more »

Nazaneen Ismail Ali is a Senior Procurement Specialist working in the Governance Global Practice and is currently based in the World... Read more »

Nicola Saporiti (Nico) has over 15 years of professional experience working in different functions in the water sector: as a technical... Read more »
Nikos Mantzoufas has been Special Secretary of the PPP Unit in Greece since 2009.... Read more »
Olivier Frémond is currently advisor in the Public-Private Partnerships Cross-Cutting Solution Area of the World Bank in Washington DC.,... Read more »
Oumar Diallo is a Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist for the World Bank, based in Dakar, Senegal. Read more »

Pablo Pereira dos Santos currently serves as Manager of the IDB's Infrastructure and Environment Sector.

Previously he a... Read more »

Pankaj Gupta is the Practice Manager of the Financial Solutions unit of the World Bank's Infrastructure, PPPs & Guarantees Group... Read more »

Pankaj Sinha is an Investment Officer within the PPP Transaction Advisory Services department based in New Delhi, India.... Read more »
Ms. Patricia Peña is the Director General for Economic Development at the Department for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada ... Read more »
Patricia O. Sulser is Chief Counsel and Global Legal Team Leader and on the Investment Committee for IFC InfraVentures established by IFC... Read more »

Dr. Patrick Moriarty is IRC's Chief Executive Officer. With a first degree in Civil Engineering he has broad expertise in interdisci... Read more »

Paul da Rita is the Director of Global Capital Projects & Infrastructure at PwC. He is the former Head of Health PPP... Read more »
Paul is an environmental engineer who joined the World Bank in 1999 and has been working in a wide range of projects and sectors. Between... Read more »
Philippe has 25 years of experience in water utilities reforms and financing, having worked on water infrastructure projects, technical... Read more »
Philippe Neves is a Senior Infrastructure Specialist at the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) supported by the... Read more »
Philippe Valahu is CEO of the Private Infrastructure Development Group.
  Read more »
Dr. Pranav Mohan, an Investment Officer based in New Delhi, India, is the Health Focal Point of IFC PPP Transaction Advisory Services... Read more »
Pranya Yamin leads digital and social media strategy for the Global Infrastructure practice at KPMG International.
  Read more »
Praveer Sinha is the CEO & Managing Director of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL). TPDDL is a Public Private Partnership ... Read more »
Rafael Saute is a Senior Communications Officer at the World Bank, based in Mozambique.  His experience in communications spans more... Read more »
Rajiv Sharma is a Research Associate at Stanford University’s Global Projects Center and an honorary research associate at the Oxford... Read more »
Ramatou Magagi is a Senior Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more »
Rhedon Begolli is a Senior Energy Specialist based in Kosovo with the World Bank's Energy and Extractives Global Practice,... Read more »

Richard Abadie leads PwC's global capital projects and infrastructure group, which provides advice on the whole infrastructure... Read more »

Richard Cabello is the Manager of IFC Advisory Services in Public Private Partnerships for Latin America and the Caribbean since 2007,... Read more »
Richard MacGeorge is a Lead Infrastructure Finance Specialist in the Financial Solutions unit of the World Bank Group. The Financial... Read more »
Richard has worked in the infrastructure sector for 20 years and developed detailed knowledge and experience across a variety of roles in... Read more »

Robert is an economist at the Public Debt Management Office of the National Treasury of Kenya. He is working at the World Bank as a ... Read more »

Roland Michelitsch is Principal Specialist, Economics and Private Sector Development in the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE)... Read more »

Roni Szwedzki is an Economics Specialist in the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) at the Inter-American Development Bank Group ... Read more »
Rui Monteiro is Senior PPP Specialist at the World Bank Group. Read more »
Ruth Kennedy-Walker is an Environmental Engineer (YP) working in the Environment and Natural Resources Management Global Practice at the... Read more »
Sally M. Torbert is a public sector and governance specialist with expertise in local governance, decentralization, service delivery and... Read more »
Samuel is a Kenyan national, joined PPIAF in April 2016 to support PPIAF activities in the Middle East & South, and East Africa... Read more »
Sanae, a Japanese national, joined the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) in June 2015 after 10 years working at Mizuho Bank (Tokyo,... Read more »
Sara joined the World Bank Group in December 2014. Sara manages the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)'s Global... Read more »
Sarah is the Associate Director and Chief Communications Officer at the EDHEC Infrastructure Institute. A former financial journalist... Read more »
R. Schuyler House is an infrastructure economics and policy consultant with the World Bank's Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees (IPG)... Read more »
Şebnem Erol Madan is a Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist in the Financial Solutions team within the Global Themes VPU.  She... Read more »
Serah, a Kenyan national, based in Nairobi, oversees PPIAF’s East and Southern Africa activity portfolio. In her role as a Program... Read more »
Shari Spiegel is Chief of the Policy Analysis & Development Branch in the Financing for Sustainable Development Office of the... Read more »
Shirin Fatemeh Wertime is a consultant with the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (WACA) of the World Bank’s Environment and... Read more »
Shyamala Shukla is a Senior Public Private Partnerships Specialist in the Public Private Partnership Cross Cutting Solution Area. She has... Read more »
Simeon Sahaydachny is a U.S. attorney and an international consultant to governments, international financial... Read more »
Simela Karasavidis is a partner at Pinsent Masons and has 25... Read more »
Sinthya Roesly has been Chief Executive Officer of the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF) since the establishment of the IIGF... Read more »
Stanley Boots, lawyer and CEO of Frontier Law & Advisory, has 16 years of infrastructure and PPP experience from Asia to Iceland.... Read more »
Stanley K. Kamau is the Director of Kenya’s PPP Unit and is responsible for overall coordination, promotion, and oversight implementation... Read more »
Stéphane July is a Principal Consultant at CPCS, a Canadian consulting firm... Read more »
Stephanie Creed works as a Consultant for the Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees (IPG) Group at the World Bank. At the World Bank, she... Read more »
Sumeet Shukla is an Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation. Read more »

Sunny has worked as a communications specialist with the World Bank since 2012. Currently, she is a writer and editor for the Infras... Read more »

Susanne Foerster is a Lawyer and works as a Consultant for the PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center of the World Bank’s PPP Group. ... Read more »

Syed Afsor H Uddin is the CEO of the PPP Office under the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Bangladesh. He was appointed in January... Read more »
Sylvain Adokpo Migan leads the World Bank Group’s Water Global Practice in Benin, coordinating Benin’s small scale piped water schemes... Read more »

Tanya Scobie Oliveira is Knowledge Lead for the World Bank's Public-Private Partnerships team. She is the Editor-in-Chief for&n... Read more »

Tenzin Norbhu is a lead specialist and coordinates the World Banks ICT program in South Asia and East Asia Pacific.  She fouses on... Read more »
Mr. Teo has been Chief Executive Officer of International Enterprise Singapore <... Read more »
Teuta Kaçaniku, CFA is a Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist with the Financial Solutions team in the Infrastructure, PPPs, and... Read more »
Thiago Ferreira Almeida is Superintendent of Planning, Integration and Investment Financing at the State Secretariat for Economic... Read more »
Thierry Paulais is an Urban Planner and Economist. He started his career in consulting firms and then worked with companies providing... Read more »
Tomas Anker is an Investment Officer for the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more »
Tony Smith is a UK Qualified lawyer with over 28 years of practice. He is a specialist in infrastructure, construction and PPP projects... Read more »
Towfiqua Hoque is a Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist with the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) based in Singapore. Her global... Read more »
Based in London, Vasuki Shastry is responsible for Standard Chartered Bank’s public affairs and sustainability. Previously, he worked at... Read more »

Victor B. Loksha is a Senior Energy Consultant active in three Regional departments of the World Bank (Africa, Middle East and North... Read more »

Senior Counsel, Water Supply and Sanitation Global Practice, The World Bank Read more »

As an Infrastructure Finance Specialist at the World Bank, Vincent has been working on large infrastructure projects ... Read more »

Wael Zakout is Senior Technical Advisor and Global Lead for Land and Geospatial at the World Bank. Prior to March 2015, he was the... Read more »
Wale Ogunleye is a  PhD student at the Department Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He... Read more »
Waleed is the Cluster Leader of the World Bank Energy Advisory Services for the GCC and regional energy trade program for the Middle East... Read more »
Waleed Alsuraih
... Read more »
Waleed Youssef joined Saudi Oger Limited in 2015 as Vice President, Facilities Management and Administration. Prior to this, he was... Read more »
Warren Meyer is President of Recreation Resource Management, President of the National Forest Recre­ation Association, and a board member... Read more »
William Dachs is the Chief Operating Officer of the Gautrain Management Agency, charged with oversight of a $3 billion urban rail PPP. He... Read more »
Yelena is the Online Communications Officer for the Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees Group. She previously supported the Sustainable... Read more »
Yin Yin is working on transport, maritime and trade logistics projects, across Asia. She has worked with global port operator PSA, on... Read more »

Yolanda is a Practice Manager in the Solutions and Innovations in Procurement (SIP) Department of the World Bank’s Governance G... Read more »

Yuriy Husyev is an Advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure and Head of SPILNO, the PPP development project... Read more »

Ziad Hayek is the Secretary General of the Republic of Lebanon’s High Council for Privatization and PPP. He is also Vice Chair of th... Read more »