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Submitted by Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada, Ph.D on

One can be surprised by the question , In what ways do you think the Infrastructure and PPPS area you
work in will look different in 10 years ?.
One thinks that there will be more involvement of the World Bank not only in the urban areas but
also rural areas of the developing countries . Urbanism in ten years will be a big challenge , because
there be more migration from rural areas to urban areas because of mechanical agricultural engineering
which requires less human workers, also people look for more educational opportunities and health
conditions .
PPPS projects in ten years will be more advanced and have more technological capacities which are
considered privilige for urban and rural areas in developing countries.
One can argue that rural areas should not at all be neglected , in terms of urbanization should not
be developed at the expense of rural development , because both of them go consistently with
each other .
This argument reminds me with rural areas in Africa , in which it's natural resources and raw materials exist and in case of developing them and taking care of them Africa will flourish.

Yours Very Respectfully,
Dr.Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada, Ph.D
American Senior Citizen
Retired Professor at Strayer University, USA

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