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Submitted by Marcos Siqueira on

For 10 years, I have been a client of multilateral development banks supporting PPP programs in a emerging markets. During this time, I have witnessed the absolute relevance of those institutions to provide technical assistance, network, expertise and other resources to allow the design of effective PPP projects and programs. I have also lately followed the efforts of the WBG to reorganize its PPP practice focusing on client needs.

My experience suggests that all those initiatives are significantly more effective when they manage to engage the wider community of practitioners and stakeholders, both nationally and internationally. This engagement lead to exchange of experiences, help to align incentives and can direct expectations and thus foster the effectiveness of PPP projects and programs.

This is why I believe this dedicated Blog can be so relevant in the context of efforts to induce more and better PPPs, particularly in the developing world. I hope this can become a meeting place where mistakes and learning can be shared, Developments institutions can coordinate action, and practitioners can present their findings.

As a Client, I would like to congratulate the WBG for yet another relevant innovation and I look forward to discuss with colleagues around the world and contribute, as Laurence said, to a more data-based discussion about the benefits PPPs can bring to promote socio-economic development.