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Submitted by Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada,Ph.D on

Delivery of sustainable and inclusive infrastructure such as the case mentioned in Africa , in Senegal ,this project empowered women women through excessive training. Empow her is a clear is an illustration that women should be included in
infrastructure to play a major role that that can not be denied at all.
Women can play a major role because of their ultimate capacity to control projectswith great patience.
They can make a team of production with the other partners through their attractive smiles on their faces which really empower the ability of their coworkers.
Local communities are greatly affected by the participation of women because of their ultimate abilty to run business and discussions without raising that may occur as a result of some men's arrogance ,and pride.
Women are the right choice for long term projects of infrastructure ,because of their ability to befair as a result of their patience and filling the surrounding
environment with smiles on their faces that are very positive to the local communities of women empowered by other women from the native areas ,all thes women can can play a major role by heping each other and sharing benefits and outcomes which can be reflected on family relations and help to empower the social development of the whole society .
The solar power plant in Senegal , in Africa is an example that raises healthy
competition among women for the benefit of the society.
This paradigm that encourages women's participation helps socially and economically and also psychologically to solve not only the productive trends of the society ,but also helps to soften the relations between men and women in a better understadable way.
yours Very Respectfully,
Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada,Ph.D
Retired Professor at Strayer University,USA
Address [redacted]