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Submitted by Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada, Ph.D on

Yes infrastructure is very expensive , for the Organization For Economic Co-
Operation and Development (PECD), and countries , but both developed and developing
countries need it. It is essential for all long term projects with long term finance
from the lender agency , mainly the World Bank.
Wise governance in developing nations is necessary to make the ultimate profit
from the lender in long term financial projects .
Infrastructure projects are beneficial for both the World Bank and the
developing countries because both of them invest in something vital and essential.
These infrastructure projects can guarantee the continuity of the government's
abilities to gain the trust of their citizens .
It is essential for the World Bank and the assigned country to put priorities
for their needs of infrastructure because the needs of each country is different
from one country to another. These needs are categorized according the country's
size, level of needs in terms of poverty, or health and education ,
These priorities are considered the milestones for a successful relationship
between the World Bank and the assigned country.
Yours Very Respectfully,
Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada Ph.D
Retired Professor at Strayer University, USA
*edited for brevity and privacy*