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Submitted by Alex Ndiku Mbaraga on

One of the key ‘bottlenecks’ to the implementation of the much-needed infrastructure includes the formulation and adherence of the ‘right’ frameworks; frameworks allied to preparation, financing, execution and to an acceptable degree, the operationalization and maintenance of infrastructure assets. The key to realizing these frameworks is share experiences on such platforms, such as, this Roundtable on Infrastructure governance. During this roundtable in Cape Town, South Africa, experiences allied to the establishment of the ‘right’ set of feasible strategies allied to not only the technical and economic aspects but also social and welfare, inter alia, aligned to the development of infrastructure, shall be shared. For instance, the establishment of the long-term strategic development plans or visions allied to infrastructure development could include the setup of feasible criteria. In order to guide stakeholders among other parties, there ought to be in-place:

a. A clear set of regulatory frameworks for the formulation and the ‘actualisation’ of policies allied to the implementation of infrastructure projects, in addition to;
b. Having a clear and Integrated consultation process at the different levels i.e., National, Regional and beyond with the key purpose of driving the policy formulation and implementation allied to infrastructure development, as well as;
c. Enforcing/fostering an effective coordination at project generation and preparation of infrastructure projects, enhance clear mandates to agreements that are key to the preparation, financing, implementation, operationalization as well as maintenance of infrastructure along with good understanding of the technical, social, economic and political insights;

This roundtable on Infrastructure governance in Cape Town, South Africa scheduled for November 2nd to 3rd 2017 comes at a right time when the stakeholders, funders and the private sector are struggling with answering the key aspects allied to the implementation of Infrastructure. At this Roundtable on infrastructure governance in Cape Town, South Africa, key case studies shall be presented as measures to identifying what was successful in realising the much needed infrastructure at national, regional and beyond; this is key to the meeting the infrastructure needs. Looking forward to the outcomes of the deliberations on infrastructure governance.