A small PPP in Ukraine delivers big results


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Most public-private partnership (PPP) transactions you hear about are large, multi-million dollar infrastructure deals with serious global players competing in international tenders.

But PPPs don't have to be big to be successful. In Malyn, a town of nearly 30,000 in Ukraine, a biofuel PPP helped the city administration heat three schools last winter by refitting a municipal boiler house, allowing it to substitute expensive, unreliable imported natural gas with locally-produced biofuel made from locally-produced pellets made from wood or straw.

Watch the video below to get the whole story (in Ukrainian with English subtitles) or read about it on the Public-Private Partnership Development Program website.
Malyn Biofuel Pilot PPP


David Lawrence

Communications Consultant

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Fernando M. Sopot
March 28, 2017

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Lai Wei
March 28, 2017

Hi Fernando, you can subscribe to the World Bank Group PPP and infrastructure newsletter here: http://newsletters.worldbank.org/newsletters/listnl.htm?nl=wbgpppn