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November 2010

Global Commodity Watch: October 2010

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Non-energy commodity dollar prices in October rose for the fourth straight month, up 3.3 percent, mainly reflecting a weaker dollar—down 6.2 percent versus the euro and 3.5 percent against a basket of currencies. Dollar prices rose across commodity sectors, including agriculture, metals, fertilizers—and oil.

World Bank publishes latest commodity prices: October 2010

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The World Bank has just published the latest commodity prices for October 2010. Most commodity price indices (measured in U.S. dollar) recorded large gains, partly explained by a 3.5% depreciation of the U.S. dollar against major currencies. Energy prices increased 6.3% while non-energy prices gained 3.3%. Food prices gained 6.2% while beverages increased only 0.6%. Raw materials prices rallied 7.9% (led by cotton). Metals and fertilizers prices increased 7.9% and 5.2%, respectively.