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March 2012

Prospects Weekly: Remmittance flows and tourist increase in developing countries

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The heightened uncertainty of last year impinged on remittance flows to developing countries, with European and Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) dependent economies showing the greatest declines. Those reliant on the United States for remittances saw an improvement in flows as the labor market there picked up.

Global Commodity Watch - March 2012

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Non-energy commodities rose by 2.9 percent in February—a second straight monthly increase—on various supply shortfalls and, in part, due to depreciation of the U.S. dollar (down 1.7 percent against a broad group of major trading partners). Agriculture and metals prices increased as weather-related supply losses affected tin output in Indonesia and soybean crops in Latin America, but there were also supply constraints elsewhere. Crude oil prices surged higher on supply losses and geopolitical tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.