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World Bank published latest commodity prices: March 2016

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In February 2016, energy prices increased by 1.8%, and the prices of non-energy commodities rose by 1.7%. Food prices increased by 1.8%. Beverages declined by 1.1%. Raw materials increased slightly by 0.8%, and fertilizers dropped by 5.2%. Metals and minerals increased by 4.5%, and precious metals rose by 8.9%.
To access recent and long-term historical prices and other commodity-related information, please click here.

Global Weekly: How do “new generation” trade agreements such as the TPP differ from traditional free trade agreements?

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On October 4, 2015, 12 Pacific Rim countries concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As a deep and comprehensive “new generation” trade agreement, the TPP covers traditional barriers to trade in goods and services, investment activities, and other trade-related areas.