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Global investment patterns will see radical changes by 2030

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In an earlier post, we highlighted a feature of the global pattern of investment in recent times: that since 2000, developing countries have gradually increased their share of global investment, moving from around 20 percent through much of the second half of the last century, to around 46 percent by 2010. The rapidity of this rise notwithstanding, the natural question is whether this trend will continue into the future.

Property rights and investment activity: A page from the Zimbabwe diaries

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In 1999, Zimbabwe initiated a series of economic reforms that were designed to greater empower the indigenous population of the country, as well as correct for inequities in the distribution of the economic resources held by the population. Whereever one may stand on the broader merits of the policy, the economic consequences are amply clear: Beginning in 2000, output and investment contracted sharply.