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Global Commodity Watch - October 2011

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Non-energy commodity prices fell by 2.5 percent in September on weaker demand prospects and appreciation of the dollar—up 2.9 percent against a broad group of U.S. trading partners. Declines were heaviest for metals, and less so for agriculture products. Energy prices edged higher. Since end-December, energy prices are up 11.6 percent, agriculture prices are up 1.1 percent, while metals have fallen 4.0 percent. Most main commodity indices peaked early in the year and have since declined on slowing demand.

Prospects Daily: Moody's downgrades 21 European commercial banks -- heating up the financial crisis

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Important developments today:

1. Moody’s downgrades 12 U.K. banks and 9 Portuguese institutions

2. U.S. employment growth in September bests economists’ estimates

3. German output falls less-than-expected after July’s surge; but orders slow