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World Bank published latest commodity prices: January 2015

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In December 2015, energy prices slumped by 13.2%, and the prices of non-energy commodities dropped by 1.2%. Food prices slipped by 0.7%. Beverages declined by 0.5%. Raw materials dropped slightly by 0.6%, and fertilizers declined by 2.8%. Metals and minerals decreased by 2.5%, and precious metals fell by 1.8%.
To access recent and long-term historical prices and other commodity-related information, please click here.

Global Weekly: Potential impact of Iran nuclear agreement on energy markets

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An international agreement on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program was reached in July and is expected to be implemented in the first half of 2016. Sanctions will be lifted at that time and terminated in 2023. The impact of Iranian exports on global oil and natural gas markets could be large over the longer term provided that Iran attracts the necessary foreign investment and technology it needs to extract its substantial resources.