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World Bank publishes latest commodity prices: December 2010

John Baffes's picture

Commodity prices (measured in U.S. dollar) surged across the board in December 2010. Energy prices jumped by 6.5%; non-energy prices rallied 4.8%.  Food prices rose by 5.3%; beverages climbed by 4.8%; raw materials prices went up by 5.9%; metals firmed by 6.0%. The US dollar appreciated 3.2% against the euro and appreciated 0.7% against a broad index of currencies.

Download recent commodity prices (Pink Sheet) here and longer-term historical price series here (Excel).

Look out for next week's posting on Global Commodity Watch which will provide indepth analysis on these prices and commodity price forecasts.



Indices of Nominal US$ Prices, Percent  Changes (November 2010 to December 2010)
Source: The World Bank


Submitted by David on
It's nice to see the long-term series. Is the longer-term historical price series Excel file going to be published every month along with the Pink Sheet from now on? Thanks.

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