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World Bank publishes latest commodity prices: October 2010

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The World Bank has just published the latest commodity prices for October 2010. Most commodity price indices (measured in U.S. dollar) recorded large gains, partly explained by a 3.5% depreciation of the U.S. dollar against major currencies. Energy prices increased 6.3% while non-energy prices gained 3.3%. Food prices gained 6.2% while beverages increased only 0.6%. Raw materials prices rallied 7.9% (led by cotton). Metals and fertilizers prices increased 7.9% and 5.2%, respectively.

Download recent commodity prices (Pink Sheet) here and longer-term historical price series here (Excel).

Look out for next week's posting on Global Commodity Watch which will provide indepth analysis on these prices and commodity price forecasts.


Indices of Nominal US$ Prices (2000=100)
Source: The World Bank


Submitted by Kenneth Gibson on
The subject download includes macros which are not certificated. To prevent adverse consequences of any forged invitations to download files, I avoid enabling macros from uncertificated sources. The authors of the subject Excel file should send it out with the Wordl Bank authenticity certification. This is a computer security issue. Please check with your systems administrators. Thank you for the data. I'm not sure if the macros are even intended for my use.

I received notification the World Bank historical monthly commodity price is now available online. This is a good news for public. I'm sure by online feature, there will be increased benefits for community, stakeholder and decision makers across the world. thanks WB!

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