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A final word from Davos

Katherine Marshall, the World Bank’s director and counselor for Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics, attended Davos with the C-100 initiative. She has allowed me to post here an email she sent summarizing her week elbowing with the Davos who’s-who. A wonderful read. It would be great if more directors took the time to pull these sort of notes together after their trips (maybe even post in a blog?). A snapshot:

Mr. Wolfowitz was part of the most exciting discussion on Africa, which included also Bono, Gordon Brown, President Obasanjo and Niall FitzGerald. This session conveyed a sense of urgency and hope, with some sober notes (especially around corruption). Bono as ever added unique and unforgettable soundbites to the discussion - two come to mind: "stupid poverty", and his suggestion that Africa needs not only people who teach them to fish but also teach them to SELL fish. Gordon Brown, in turn, referred to Bono as his "mentor and tormentor".

Read the whole thing – especially if you are interested in the "Council of 100 Leaders" on West-Islamic World Dialogue. Her presentation is also available.


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Unlike Pablo, I haven't gotten explicit permission from Katherine Marshall of the World Bank to post an excerpt from her Davos notes, but I point you to PSDblog for her interesting summary of the last days' discussions. Highlights: questions on why Afri

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