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A “pro-fish” approach

ProfishThe PROFISH initiative has been launched: an effort to promote more effective fishing strategies and policies, with a focus on small scale fisheries and getting rid of harmful government subsidies. World Bank Environment Program Director Warren Evans:

"The studies which have been released over the last year show that the marine fisheries are heavily over-exploited… unless we do something about the ecological dilemma, then we will not have sustainable fishery for either the poor or rich countries… This is a development issue. It’s about economic development and pro-poor growth." (Source, also available in Ar., Fr., Ru. & Sp.)

For more information see the World Bank report Turning The Tide (Part 1 and 2) or the official press release. If you still want more: see the World Bank, the Fish For All summit, the World Fish Center or the Washington Post.


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