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African-made, solar-powered hearing aid

The SolarAid, including the solar charger and an extra pair of batteries, sells for less than $100, and is built to last at least two to three years. But, as low cost as that is, Godisa wants to do even better: they want to make the design free to everyone - essentially, to go open source - if the Botswana government will let them.

Via Jamais Cascio at WorldChanging. And in case you missed it last week, see the Malaria watch and Moneymaker irrigation pump.


Submitted by tom kenyon on
That reminds of one of the better cocktail party conversations I've had recently. Claudio Flippone at the Center for Advanced Energy Concepts at Maryland University has developed a solar-powered mechanism for powering water pumps and air-conditioning units, among other things. From what I remember it works like a steam engine in reverse, using the vacuum created by condensing steam to generate a suction effect. The pump can be produced cheaply and works to a depth of five feet or so. He's now looking for funding. Venture capitalists and other interested parties can contact him at [email protected]

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