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David Bloomgarden is a Lead Private Sector Development Officer and Coordinator of the "Program to Promote Public-Private Partnerships in Latin America... Read more »
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David Francis has been a member of the World Bank Enterprise Analysis Unit since 2010, working on the unit’s data collection projects and analytical... Read more »
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David Lawrence has worked on private sector development programs in East Asia and the former Soviet Union for over 20 years. In recent years he has... Read more »
David Robinett is a senior private sector development specialist in the World Bank's Capital Markets and Corporate Governance Service Line. He began his... Read more »
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Dorsati Madani is a Senior Country Economist at the World Bank Office in Astana, Kazakhstan.   Her current analytical in... Read more »

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Douglas Pearce is currently Manager in the Financial Inclusion Practice at the World Bank. Previously he was previously Senior Private Sector... Read more »