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South Asia

The Leverage Ratio: A New Binding Limit on Banks

Editor's Note: Katia D'Hulster is a senior financial sector specialist in the Financial Systems Department of the World Bank. She is the author of a recently-released policy note on the benefits of a non-risk-based capital measure, the leverage ratio, as an additional prudential tool to complement minimum capital adequacy requirements.

The Infinite Potential of Mobile Banking

Brookings has released a report on the state of access to finance in developing countries, taking a specific look at the lessons learned from the mobile banking sector in Kenya. The report paints a troubling picture of the state of financial access in many developing countries, but then gives some reasons for optimism.

First, the bad news:

Got Behavioral Economics?

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Despite economists’ frequent assumption that humans are rational economic agents, let’s admit it, we have limitations; we may be weak, altruistic, easily manipulated or scatter-brained among many other things. Thus, results based on, say field experiments relying on one-off interviews may tend to miss a lot of that important human behavior.