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Xbox for the developing world - part II

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UntitledI decided to follow up on an earlier posting that cast some doubts on the value of the XO laptop for students in developing countries. Two commentors pointed out that even if the XO laptop does not produce direct improvements in classroom learning, there still may be other kinds of benefits.

Celebrating World Environment Day

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June 5, official World Environment Day, has come and gone, and you’re probably wondering how you can make good on those green resolutions you made. If you shop online, there is a webtool out there made just for you. It’s called Scryve, and it provides ratings on companies based on their social and environmental policies.

Development 2.0, in graphics

An interesting visualisation of the shift from development 1.0 ("high peaks of bureaucracy, with the sight blurred by the disconnection between grassroots and policy making") to the development 2.0 world ("sustainable, collaborative, entrepreneurial and not aid dependent"), for the benefit of budding social entrepreneurs.