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Creative approaches

Recession: time to expand marketing budget

According to billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett, there is no denying that the U.S. economy is in recession. He recently declared unequivocally: "we are in a recession."

However, if you are thinking about stopping to spend on marketing read this warning from the Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge:

New directions in the compass of development

Emerging markets are becoming important sources of foreign direct investment (FDI), with south-south – investments flowing among emerging markets – playing a bigger role.

According to recent MIGA report, the reasons for the increase in south-south FDI include, rising demand for energy in emerging markets, increase in south-south trade, proximity and cultural affinity, cost competitiveness, and outward FDI support.

Starting a business: help from Harvard Business School

Harvard University's Working Knowledge compiled resources for those thinking about starting up their own business. Topics include legal issues associated with new enterprises, managing resources, product development, and keeping owner control.

As a bonus here's other useful information for entrepreneurs on the ease of doing business across 178 economies.

Internet for all

It is estimated that 1.1 billion people have Internet access world-wide. That still leaves out a large number of potential Internet users, or potential costumers, depending on how one looks at it. That's probably why some entrepreneurs have been tackling the issue of how to close this divide.

Too much or too little - the paradox of information for development

"The paradox of the human rights community is that it is an information-processing industry that has limited access to information technology" says Jim Fruchterman, the winner of the Skoll Award for Social Enterpreneurship in 2004 and 2006 and founder of Benetech – an organization that creates technology used by human rights and literacy program workers.

Gemloc Program selects PIMCO and Markit

In a new development, the World Bank Group chose PIMCO and Markit for Gemloc Program to increase investment in emerging markets.

The World Bank Group launched the Gemloc Program last October to help emerging market countries attract more investment and develop their local currency bond markets.

How can we improve?

It's that time of the year again when the Rapid Response Unit – a joint World Bank and International Finance Corporation initiative, which hosts the PSD Blog – asks its users for feedback. The survey is short (took me 42 seconds to answer all questions) and as a thank you perk, two responders will win an iPod shuffle red.