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Creative approaches

Web 2.0 ideas for the World Bank, anyone?

A colleague down the road is collecting ideas for Web 2.0 business models and services that could be adopted by the World Bank Group. Here are some initial thoughts and there's a number of projects well on their way.

More cell phones, better grain prices

We already know that cell phone technology has enabled lots of people in remote areas to access bank accounts and government services. But here is a new one: a recent paper creates a model that predicts that cell phones in Niger will lead to a reduction in price dispersion.

A year older, and more popular

As my tenure at the PSD Blog ends today, I'm reminded of a great year during which this blog celebrated its second birthday and became one of the World Bank's most popular sites.

Going foreword, PSD Blog is always looking for fresh talent. If you're a World Bank staffer and favor market solutions to development, talk to Alan about a possibility of guest blogging.

If you are one of our readers, thank you. You're in good hands.