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Do credit bureaus improve credit availability and if so, for whom?

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The conventional wisdom is that the exchanging of information on an individual or firm will go a long way in determining credit worthiness, thereby improving credit availability. When a bank evaluates a request for credit, it can either collect information on the applicant first-hand, or it can source this information from other lenders that have already transacted with the applicant. Information exchange between lenders can occur voluntarily via “private credit bureaus” or it can be enforced by regulation via “public credit registries.”

Announcing...IFC on YouTube!

IFC has launched its own YouTube channel, complete with videos that discuss topics ranging from IFC investments in private health care sectors, to the latest ideas on how to improve regulatory climates.

A recent video (after the jump) discusses "Simplifying Regulations and Generating Investment: Colombia's Key to Doing Business". Check it out: