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Easterly Bait

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University World News reports that the world record for the longest lecture has been broken. Errol Tapiwa Muzawazi, a 25-year-old law student, clocked in at 121 hours. (According to the rules, lecturers are allowed to snooze briefly every hour.) Muzawazi narrowly beat an Indian professor who lectured for 120 hours in 2008. His goal? To raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals.

Eastern Europe and the Crisis: Is the worst over?

The World Bank's Enterprise Surveys team has published a new survey of businesses in Eastern Europe, analyzing the long-term effects of the financial crisis in the region. The report looks at survey data collected last summer from over 1,600 firms in Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey, finding that the crisis has had a detrimental effect on demand:

Stability in Iraq depends on a business-friendly government

NPR story cited World Bank report

In the report, "Iraq's Shaky Economy Poses Threat to Future," NPR cites The World Bank's Doing Business report that ranks economies based on the ease of doing business in particular countries:

The process of setting up a business in Iraq requires 11 procedures,