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Rethinking the brain drain

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An article in Foreign Policy last month asks us to rethink the brain drain. Authors Michael Clemens and David McKenzie (the latter an employee of the World Bank) argue that the movement of skilled labor is a boon to both developed and developing countries. They decry the term "brain drain" as a serious mischaracterization of the phenomenon.

Easterly discovers the power law of international trade

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Not too long ago, Bill Easterly and Justin Lin squared off at an event at the World Bank over the wisdom of industrial policy in developing countries. While I am sympathetic to Bill's position, judging by the mood of the crowd in the room, I would have to call the debate a tie.

Should the public sector guarantee private sector financing for PPPs?

The financial crisis and subsequent credit crunch has greatly reduced the options available to governments regarding PPPs. The reason is very simple: There is no longer enough money available for long-term private infrastructure investment. However, I see this as a temporary situation, as the rationale for PPPs remains as strong as ever.