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My microfinance public service announcement

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My friends over at CGAP want to hear from you. Last year the gurus of microfinance redesigned their website, and now they want to know what you think about it. Compliments? Complaints? Quizzical faces? Fill out their brief survey (anonymously, of course). 

Examples of Chile’s innovative approach to PPPs

As I discussed in my previous post, Patricio Mansilla of Chemonics International has explained to me that Chile has been at the forefront of innovation in the design of PPPs. The government has experimented with a bidding mechanism for PPPs based on the Least Present Value of Revenues (LPVR).

The next casualty of the financial crisis: public universities

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Roger Goodman of Moody's credit rating agency has a prediction:

With policies of limiting enrollment places and tuition fees, market pressure to add capacity, and government funding unlikely to increase, Moody’s expects unprecedented pressure on the current financial model of public universities.

One needle in a haystack, or many?

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As I suspected, the event earlier this week on Industrial Policy and the Role of the State in Promoting Growth attracted a standing-room only crowd. Although the event was billed as a "panel discussion", the structure ended up being much more of a friendly debate, with Justin Lin and Ann Harrison sitting on one side of the table and Bill Easterly on the other.

Nigeria: Taking the lead on PPPs in Africa?

For quite some time, I’ve suspected that Nigeria would become the leader in Africa for PPPs. Several projects have been announced, and serious government interest has been demonstrated by discussion on policy, legislation and deal flow. The Global Legal Group has provided excellent insight into this in their 2007 Guide to PPP/PFI Projects.

Is it a good idea to bail out privately financed infrastructure projects?

When I first heard about public private partnerships (PPPs), most of the emphasis was on PPPs being privately financed with private money at stake. But now, I hear the news about needing to bail out PPP projects with taxpayer money and I wonder: Is this a good idea?