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Aid effectiveness

From Tim Harford, the co-father of this blog, a proponent of randomization and the author of a brand new book "The Logic of Life":

If development agencies focus on pouring concrete, they may be spending money on infrastructure that will never be used—and perhaps never even be built—because of corruption in the background.

A sign of things to come?

Earlier this week IBM and Nokia let go of 31 "eco-patents" and released them to the public. By doing so, the technology giants hope to tap into the wisdom of the crowds. This very web 2.0 move is a sign of their recognition that when it comes to complex issues, such as spurring innovation or identify new business opportunities in the area of clean technologies, the best knowledge may well reside outside their organizational boundaries.

Foreign bank entry and outreach

What is the impact of foreign bank entry on banking sector outreach? A recent paper on the Mexican experience shows contrasting patterns: the number of municipalities with bank presence increased, but the number of loan and deposit accounts decreased.

While only rich and urban areas benefited from more bank presence, the decline in loan and deposit accounts was more pronounced in rural and poorer areas.

Location, location, location

This financial services provider has five times as many locations as McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger King and Wal-Mart combined, and its researchers outpace the Census Bureau in tracking migrant locations.

Hat tip to Marginal Revolution.

A low hanging fruit?

According to IETA, carbon capture and storage – CCS for the connoisseurs - is a low-hanging fruit which could potentially be one of the main solutions to climate change. Friends of CCS met today to exchange their latest news. The European Commission is only days away from presenting to the Parliament and the Council new legislative amendments to allow for the transport and storage of carbon.

Disciplined financial mechanisms

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"Innovative financial mechanisms" is another one of those amorphous phrases on the lips of Bali climate change goers. Every international agency, wrestling internally with their climate change strategies, the GEF, the UNFCCC secretariat and of course the parties who are also donors, dance around how to pay for all that needs to be done.